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The purpose of the Association shall be to administer, control and develop the game of Korfball in Norfolk; to organise and control leagues; and to organise such other additional functions that are considered to be for the furtherance and development of Korfball.

  EKA Underage Player Consent Forms 15 January 2014 by simon  

Clubs are required to submit signed EKA consent forms to the NKA Child Protection Officer for players under the age of 18 wishing to play in the local league.

Players without a form will not be allowed to play!

:: Download Consent Form ::


  League Game Match Forms 04 October 2011 by simon  

Please make sure teams bring their own Match Forms and that they are completed at the end of the match.

Remember, one half is for you to keep and the other needs to be handed in!

:: Download Match Form ::


  Next fixtures:  
  Sunday, 05 October 2014  
Hall 2, UEA
  Knights 5   -   City 2  
  ref: Dragons  
  UEA 3   -   Ice 3  
  ref: UEA  
  Dragons 2   -   City 3  
  ref: Stingers  
  UEA 4   -   Stingers 1  
  ref: Knights  
Haydn Morris Hall, UEA
  Dragons 1   -   City 1  
  ref: Knights  
  Knights 3   -   Ice 2  
  ref: UEA  
  Knights 4   -   UEA 2  
  ref: Norwich City