NKA Awards 2014/15

Read more to discover who won what after another exciting korfball season.

NKA Awards 2015

Most Valuable Player

Male: Joe Pengelly

Joe Pengelly, UEA
Gregg Baker, Ice
Michael Fereday, Dragons

Female: Bex Thornberg

Jenna Slaughter, Ice
Rachel Cocker, Knights
Bex Thornberg, UEA

Most Improved Player

Male: Luke McKenzie-Cote

Luke McKenzie-Cote, Knights
Dan Velasco, Ice
Michael Connerly, Dragons

Female: Abbie Roxby-Clark

Bethany Alexander, City
Becky Cox, UEA
Abbie Roxby-Clark, Dragons

Most Sporting Team

Dragons 2

Ice 3
Dragons 3
Dragons 2

Best Referee

Joe Skeet

Adam Knights, Ice
Jimmy Seymour, Knights
Joe Skeet, UEA

Most Improved Referee

Izzy Rowe

Charlie Benson, UEA
Izzy Rowe, City
Bea Cutts, Knights

Contribution to Korfball

Rob Bloomer

Joe Skeet, UEA
Rob Bloomer, Knights
Jenna Slaughter, Ice

Division Winners

Division 1: Knights 3
Division 2: Norwich City 2
Division 3: Knights 6

Top Scorers – Division 1

Male: Thomas Ellis

Female: Sara Ellis

Top Scorers – Division 2

Male: Adam Williams

Female: Emma Minns

Top Scorers – Division 3

Male: Michael Connolly

Female: Liz Sterling