NKA Awards 2016

Read more to discover who won what after another exciting korfball season.

NKA Awards 2016

Most Valuable Player

Male: Matt Lunn (UEA)

Other Nominees:
Charlie Vogwill, Knights
Matt Buxton, Ice
Sam Tattam, City
Jack Green, Dragons

Female: Anna Woodall, Knights/UEA

Other Nominees:
Abigail Smith, UEA
Beth Alexander, City
Jenna Slaughter, Ice
Maeve Turney, Dragons

Most Improved Player

Male: Salmen Saleh, UEA

Other Nominees:
James Gourlay, Knights
Lewis Marten, Dragons
Gregg Baker, Ice
Will Slaney, City

Female: Camille Koosyial, UEA

Other Nominees:
Mollie Arbery, Knights
Chloe Newman, City
Beth Wilkinson, Ice
Rhia Williams, Dragons

Most Sporting Team


Other Nominees:
Dragons 1
Dragons 3
City 3

Best Referee

Joe Skeet

Other Nominees:
Neil Wakefield, Ice

Most Improved Referee

Tim Thomas, UEA

Other Nominees:
Paul Debenham, Knights/UEA
Matt Lunn, UEA
Bea Cutts, Knights

Contribution to Korfball

Joe Skeet, City

Other Nominees:
Rachel Payne, Ice
Gina Baker, Dragons
Neil Wakefield, Ice

League Winners

Division 1: Knights 3
Division 2: Norwich City 3
Division 3: Norwich City 4

Top Scorers – Division 1

Male: Neil Wakefield

Female: Beth Alexander

Top Scorers – Division 2

Male: Joel Leung

Female: Kate Brown

Top Scorers – Division 3

Male: James Mendham

Female: El Brook